Luftballons auf Holzkasten

Just hot air?

Datavisualisation 2017

Can "likes" on facebook have any effect on the real world?
Together with a friend I built an installation, that makes virtual "likes" visible by inflating baloons. Each baloon is linked to one specific facebook-page, ranging from Unicef and the WWF to the breakfast spread Nutella. While the baloons are saggy when the installation is started, it soon gets livelier as "likes" pour in. Each virtual "like" means a pump of air in real time - an effect that amazes children especially! After a while, the popularity of the different facebook pages is very well comparable. Unfortunately, usually Nutella wins and is the first baloon to explode.
The project was built with Arduino and Processing. Each baloon is linked to a compressor, the compressors are controlled by a Mac Mini. The whole equipment is stored in a wooden box, that we also built ourselves.